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Discover the lightest pizza in Italy!

Take advantage of the welcome offer and discover your new favorite pizza with 10 euro OFF!

Light and digestible dough, thanks to the “Dirigì Recipe”: a double leavening and maturation of 36 hours at a controlled temperature!

Each pizza on the menu is available in 4 different doughs: classic, gluten-free, cereal and wholemeal!

Is pizza+beer the perfect match? Each Dirigì pizza is paired with a carefully selected beer, to enhance the flavor and aromas of both!

Vegan and lactose-free mozzarella, to the delight all our guests, who are tired of ordering red pizza because they have no alternatives

You’ll never have to give up pizza again thinking: “I don’t want to stay up all night drinking, with a wild boar walking on my stomach.”

The exclusive “Dirigì Recipe” is the secret of our dough.

It’s what makes every Dirigì pizza light as a cloud (yes, even a famous “not very light” pizza, like the 4 cheeses).

Thanks to a special method of double leavening and maturation of the dough for 36 hours at a controlled temperature, Dirigì pizza is a guarantee of lightness and digestibility every day.

Try to believe!


Once booked, if the reservation was successful, in 5 minutes you will receive your personalized discount voucher to use on the day you chose to get €10 as a gift!*

What are you waiting for?!

The best Classic, Gluten Free, Lactose Free and Vegan Pizza in Jesolo awaits you in Via Bafile 232!



-Until you receive the email with the voucher, the reservation is NOT confirmed and will not be processed.

–You can use this promotion only by showing us the voucher you will receive via email.


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Not respecting this T&Cs makes the offer invalid.

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Soffice come una nuvola appena sfornata

Digeribile 😋

Non rimane sullo stomaco e non fa venire sete

Senza Glutine 🌾

Anche con Impasto Gluten Free per Celiaci

Adatta alle Intolleranze ❌🥛

Con Ingredienti e Varianti adatte alle esigenze di tutti

We look forward to seeing you soon at Via Andrea Bafile, 232 in Jesolo! 📍🗺️